Fixed Wing Surveys

We are a small company and only operate one field project at a time so that all our attention is focused on your survey. Our senior geophysicist with over 30 years of airborne experience is in the field processing your data. Your survey and satisfaction are our number one priority. TAS offers the following services in a fixed-wing platform:

High Resolution Surveys

Horizontal Magnetic Gradient


base and precious metal exploration
kimberlite exploration
uranium exploration
geological mapping
oil and gas exploration

Survey parameters

detailed surveys with line spacing as close as 50 m.
survey heights as low as 120 ft. in treeless terrain
survey speed of 120kts / 222kph / 62mps
up to 6 hour endurance
high-resolution cesium magnetometers sampling at 10 or 20  times/sec
real-time DGPS navigation system sampling at 5Hz
digital flight path videos
256 channel gamma-ray spectrometer with 33.4 litres (2048 cu. in.) of downward crystals and 4.2 litres of upward crystal


Oasis Montaj and custom routines for geophysical data processing
C3NavG2 and HeadRT+ for post flight GPS processing
Praga4 full spectrum radiometric processing
Nelson method of calculating a residual magnetic field from the diurnal free horizontal gradients for shallow magnetic sources. This eliminates any downtime for diurnal activity.
In-field processing for next day preliminary grids