Diamond DA42 Twin Star

The Twin Star is an advanced four seater aircraft with a composite airframe, twin turbo diesel engines, and glass panel cockpit. It is fully IFR capable and equipped with known ice protection.

The DA42 features simple operation, smooth and quiet powerplants, and incredible range, consuming only 8.8 gallons of JetA per hour at 60% power setting. The wingspan of 13.4 m. (44 ft) provides maximum separation of wing tip magnetometers to 16.2 m. The DA42 can fly low and slow with a minimum survey speed of 90 kts and survey sorties of over 6 hours.

Recently a 3 foot nose stinger was added to house a Totem-2A VLF-EM receiver.

Our DA42 is operated by the Diamond Flight Centre London Inc., who look after the maintenance on the aircraft and supply us with experienced survey pilots.

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maximum airspeed (IAS)

359 km/h 194 kt

cruise speed at 90% and 10,000 ft (TAS)

304 km/h 164 kt

cruise speed at 60% and 10,000 ft (TAS)

256 km/h 138 kt

fuel consumption at 90% and 10,000 ft

54.1 l/h 14.3 US gal/h

fuel consumption at 60% and 10,000 ft

30.3 l/h 8.0 US gal/h

range at 60% and 10,000 ft, long range tank

2,361 km 1,275 nm



8.56 m 28 ft 1 in


2.49 m 8 ft 2 in

wing span

13.42 m 44 ft

wing area

16.29 m2 175.3 sq ft

empty weight

1.260 kg 2,778 lb

maximum take-off weight (MTOW)

1.785 kg 3,927 lb


525 kg 1,149 lb

fuel capacity, long range tank

280 l 74 US gal