About us

Tundra Airborne Surveys Ltd. (TAS) was incorporated in early 2004 to provide the mineral exploration community with an alternative source for quality aeromagnetic surveys.

TAS offers fixed-wing magnetic surveys in single sensor and horizontal gradiometer configurations. Survey aircraft are configured with dual extended wing tip pods and extended tail stingers. Since incorporation TAS has flown and compiled over 425,000 km. of high-resolution horizontal gradient surveys in various locations across Northern Canada and Alaska.

We also offer radiometrics and VLF-EM along with the magnetic surveying using a full spectrum Pico Envirotec GRS-10 spectrometer and a Totem-2A VLF receiver. Since 2006 TAS has flown and complied 90,000 km of combined horizonatl magnetic gradient, radiometrics, and VLF-EM in Northern and Eastern Canada.

In 2011 TAS entered into a partnership agreement with Scott Hogg & Associates of Toronto whereby TAS operates SHA’s Heli-GT tri-axial helicopter gradiometer system and SHA continues to do the processing and interpretation. In the first year of the partnership TAS flew a total of 42,000 line kilometers of Heli-GT survey in various parts of Northern Ontario.

TAS is committed to providing the highest quality geophysical data to our clients. We are using state of the art geophysical and navigation systems to provide the highest possible resolution. Our equipment is robust and backed up with sufficient spares to virtually eliminate equipment down time.

Our field crew consists of both principals in TAS, a senior geophysicist and an experienced equipment operator, along with two or more survey pilot/engineers. Our geophysicist has 30 years of practical survey experience in both data acquisition and data processing with extensive international expertise. Your data is quality checked and processed after each survey flight with grids and profiles available “next day” via e-mail or FTP.